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Posted on 03-30-2015

One day, I woke up and felt I needed to find my soul's purpose!! I asked all of my family members if they had all the money they needed for everything, what would they do for work....the answers made me feel compassion for them as well as made my heart sing!!! I then realized life is so very important and all of us have a purpose and are capable of feeling passionate and joy in our daily work here on the planet we call Earth!

Think about it...is your life's purpose being a secretary for an independent business owner 8AM-7PM, sitting in a chair, eating your same lunch, never getting outside and doing busy work for others??? I don't think so! We get so busy that when we get home, all we want to do is eat and watch TV.

So you know that there is more to life than TV binges. You're ready to find out what you are here for, other than being able to explain every plot twist of your favorite show beside the company water-cooler.

What next? Here are 20 ways to find your life purpose:

1. Write about it, even if you have not written since you were at school. Write at the top of the page "I am here to" or "I would love to": and then free write. Do this regularly and over time you will begin to see patterns. Track them so you can search what you love most!

2. Remember what you liked to do as a child. What did you want to be? What makes you happy...see if there are clues in anything you can remember.

3. Instead of listening to your head about what you should do, work out how you feel in your body as you do things. Figure out what your heart wants rather than what your head wants to hear. Feel rather than analyze.

4. When you are exploring what your purpose is, it's best to not tell everybody, especially the know-it-all over critical people who will tell you that your dreams are unrealistic and not attainable, we all know those that say at "your age"?! It's bogus!! Keep trucking!! You can do it at any age and anything you want!

5. Dip your toe in. Try something different. Do one small step. See what manifests...!

6. Just because someone once told you that you were not good at the thing you loved to do, does not mean to say they were right...YOU get to decide what is right at this moment in your life!

7. Get assistance. Get Help. Ask others for what you are wanting. Want to do something and don't know where to begin? Find your teachers. Ask of your teachers to show up and assist in the process.

8. Remember that now life purpose finding doesn't have to be a silly check the box exercise. Do you remember doing questionnaires at school that came out with suggested professions? They only look at a limited number of old-school styled job options. Today is different and you can be or call yourself whatever your heart desires to be called. The internet is unlimited. Search away!

9. When you doubt that you can do something different, just notice that just in that very thought you limit yourself. You clip your own wings and can't fly! It's time to soar the skies!

10.  Allow yourself to be playful. Doing thing that you enjoy can lead to a deeper connection with your soul's purpose.

11. Be in flow. Don't expect it all to work out over night and think that if it doesn't that this is a SIGN that you are on the wrong track. The universe will test your commitment to what you really desire. 

12.  Look for clues. What books do you like to read most? What kinds of films do you watch more often? Which blogs do you follow? (Personally, I love CSI, health related shows, books and blogs....I am a Chiropractor!)

13. Remember that you don't need to leave your current job right away to find your thing or to make it work. The money you save from your current work will assist you in your new projects and fund other things you may need. You will be able to come from the heart and a place of service not money. 

14. Don't think that because someone else is doing something that it means you can't. Whatever you do, do it in your own way and then you will find others who need you, not someone else. Be uniquely you.

15. Meditate. If your mind is so full of "stuff" because of all the information coming at you, take a rest from it and new inspiration can come to you!

16. Avoid media saturation. It is hard to hear your inner voice and inner knowingness if the TV is on or loud radio blasting all the time.

17. Take time to rest and slow down. You won't find your purpose just by working harder and harder at whatever it is you are spending your days doing that don't support your goals. 

18.  Rather than being focused on have a job label to replace the job able that you have, you have to shift your house to look for times in your life when you feel you are being completely authentically you! Where you feel comfy in your own shoes. Create as much of this feeling in your life as you can and you will feel free.

19. Work out what your values are. Look at how you live through these values in your day to day living. Do MORE of that! (for me it is creating Balance, so I make sure I can meditate, walk, eat and relax before working on clients)

20.  Remember that all of this is not up to you and only your drive. Work with others to embrace opportunity. Create a team or a person to keep you accountable and on track for your goals and intentions!

If you show up and do the work step by stem with intention, you will come closer to your life purpose and that purpose may well come closer to you and meet you in the middle. Life purpose is finding all the corners, edges and then filling in the middle to make complete. Life is about the journey...not the end destination. Are you enjoying this journey of life with joy? It's up to YOU to make changes one step at a time and the time is NOW! We are here to support you in every way we can. Ask for what you want and make life happen so you can live with passion and awaken your gifts to share with the world!

YOU can do anything!!! Love you all! 


1-Healers and life coaches: http://www.jodihodges.com/healing.html


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