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Posted on 05-11-2015

As Summer approaches us, I would like to suggest a gentle Spring Cleanse!

Spring is a time to settle in and watch as you start to open up to a brighter world. Lots of beautiful flowers, longer days, coming out of hibernation to exercise, move, laugh, eat lighter and feel the sun on your face...

A time for external focus, putting all the work you did internally over the last few months on show… a time for being playful, enjoying outdoor life, being more active and Self Expression.

Take a moment to set your intentions… what would you like to invite and explore in Spring/Summer 2015?

Let the Spring cleaning begin on all levels, inside the home and yourself! 

Cleansing of the organs is a really great idea toward the end of Spring. Set your intention and start eating really vibrant foods full of life to assist your manifestations. Organic, natural and alive foods to nourish your body so you can be more vibrant and active for the summer too!

I would like to suggest a liver cleanse.

Our liver is the second largest organ in our body (our skin is the largest), and is involved in almost all physiological processes in the body. Probably the best known function of the liver is detoxification of harmful substances, such as alcohol, pesticides, household chemicals, etc. But the liver also has many other important roles such as fat absorption and metabolism, hormone metabolism, control of blood cholesterol, control of blood sugar, and storage and metabolism of vitamins.

Fortunately, the liver has a remarkable ability to regenerate. If you give up some of the foods that are burdening your liver and contributing to unwellness, the liver will quickly start to clean and restore itself. You can help to cleanse your liver by following a one week diet of fruits, vegetables and brown rice and AVOID all sugary foods (e.g. refined flour, sugar, honey, etc.), as well as all high fat foods (e.g. all animal products, nuts, avocado, oil, etc.).

(PLEASE NOTE: consuming fat in the diet is absolutely necessary for good health, so after the liver cleanse reintroduce healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, and cold-pressed olive oil).

Some Liver boosting food items:

-Apple Cider Vinegar (unfiltered)

-Dandelion Root Tea


-Organic Lemon Juice/Lemons


-Green Vegetables (all dark leafy)


-Wasabi (fresh)



Cleansing your liver can be uncomfortable at first, since for many toxins to leave the body, they need to be dumped back into the circulation. This can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue, mental fogginess, or skin eruptions. These are all good signs as they show the toxins are being released from the liver and other tissues in the body and are being prepared for elimination. (Drinking a Coke at this stage may cure the symptoms, but will put an abrupt halt to the liver's rejuvenation! So endure these discomforts.) It is vital to drink an abundance of water during any detoxification process. Healthy spring water can be purchased from your local supermarket.

Because toxins are circulating through the body, it is useful to have plenty of antioxidants which will protect your body and aid in the detoxification process. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices, lemon juice, dandelion root tea, turmeric, fenugreek, ajwan, and other herbs are great to include in your diet to aid the liver cleanse. Many people find it useful to start the diet on a Thursday so that days 3 and 4 fall on the weekend (and they can rest). It is important not to be under too much physical or mental stress while your body is regenerating itself.

Even if you don't do a complete liver cleanse, you will make your liver happy by making the switch to a vegetarian wholefood diet, and reducing your consumption of coffee, processed foods, and alcohol for a few days. By doing so, you WILL notice a dramatic change in your health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here are some Books to assist you:

1. The Liver Cleansing Diet:  by Sandra Cabot

2. Detox and Live:  by Hilde Hemmes

3. The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: by Andreas Moritz

Time to start now! Welcome Spring! Welcome Health, Healing and Rejuvenation!

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