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Posted on 09-27-2015

Seasonal Eating: Autumn

Autumn is the season of the harvest, the fruition of all the growth of Spring and Summer. Gathering nature's products before the Winter's rest and hibernation. It marks the beginning of a cycle of personal turning within. Autumn also begins the dark, yin cycle, when the daylight lasts less than 12 hours. In the Chinese system, the autumn season is governed by the energy of the Metal element, which is associated with communication and the workings of the mind. Mental wellbeing involves a positive self-image and being happy. 

You can accomplish this by taking responsibility for your happiness by caring well for yourself and others and doing what give you inward satisfaction and beneficial for your environment. The metal element rules the organs of large intestine and lungs. The balance of intake, through breathing air and eating food and output, breating out, activity, an elimination, is crucial to staying healthy.  Keeping the nose and sinuses clean by occasional cleansing with salt water may help rid excess mucus.  A teaspoon of sea salt to a pint of water can be used for mucus problems by darling and by breathing some into the nostrils and blowing the nose or using a neti pot. If you get a cold or lung problem, you need to rest and drink lots of fluids; citrus for a fever, herbal teas, soaking in a hot foot bath or having a warm herbal enema or colonic irrigation. Dietary changes will help too in preventing future health problems. Constipation is very common and goes with cold and lung problems. Eating devitalized foods or too much meat or other congestion foods; or too much food at one time or not eating roughage, as well as the side effects of drugs all factors of constipation. Constipation can create a backup of toxicity through the body and affect the muscular or nervous systems crating tensions an exhaustion. This poor intestinal elimination may affect the skin. An early autumn cleanse will help regulate the diet and provide enhanced elimination clearing the body of potential illness.

Eating and living habits are crucial to your well-being and important for your growth. It is time to assume total responsibility for how you feel on a day-to-day basis. Health begins with becoming aware of your energy and its balance...what you take in and put out.  Learn to listen to yourself from the inside so you don't have to become ill to change your life. Keeping your body and mind open and clear makes the way for positive thoughts and visions and the love form your heart will fill every part.

Exercise: staying loose and relaxed, building muscle  

Herbs: burdock root and comfrey root (drink with leaves)  

Diet:  start with a week of cleansing diet of fruit and vegetable juices or a grape fast; more meats for omnivores, vegetarians eat lots of grains, some nuts, beans, seeds as well as eggs and dairy if needed; eat less and less fruit and turn to more vegetables and grains when the weather is cooler; remember diets are individual and related to your character, your activity and to the climate in which you live; make soups to keep you warm, add some root vegetables. You can add pumpkin or squash to soups and stay away form congestors such as sweets, cheese and breads.

Seasonings:  rosemary, cayenne, ginger

A quick way to see if you are in balance or out of balance:

In-blance: consolidation, communication, new disciplines (productive work), study, clarity, care, quiet walks, rest, meditation

Imbalance: indecision, confusion, overindulgence, coffee, smoking, drugs, obscurity, fatigue

Healing takes work and requires focus over a period of time. There is no quick fix. Emotional issues and our personal relationships also contribute to our specific and general wellbeing. Be gentle with yourself and commit to your healing! Get your nervous system checked to make sure you are getting connected for optimal functioning!

References: "Staying Healthy with the Seasons" By, Elson M. Hass, M.D.

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