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We value our patients' experience at Conscious Sol Healing & Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jodi Brooke Hodges
Your Lafayette Vitalistic Chiropractor

Health & Wellness:

"I started working with Dr. Jodi and I felt so comfortable with her the moment I met her. She always checks in with me to see if there is anything I need or if I am struggling in any way. I was in bad shape when I met her. I was on insulin nightly, 2 diabetes pills... not to mention other meds I was taking. Since beginning to work with Dr. Jodi I have been off of the insulin and am only on 1 diabetes drug, for now (That was in a matter of 1 ½ months)! She got me thinking about what I was putting in my body by teaching me and showing me what was good for my body. She provided me with information and research. I plan on getting off of more medicine, with healthy eating, exercise, having my daily Biolumina Spirulina. She has also given me tools to relax & destress. She also is so knowledgeable of what supplements to take for the specific issues that you are having. Dr. Jodi is so knowledgeable and passionate about health and chiropractic care, you can’t help but pick up the positive energy that she eludes. I really feel supported by her through this process."  ~Susan M.

"It was days before the Thanksgiving Holiday that I had suffered a mild stroke or TIA. Never did I dream that I would find myself in the emergency room with such a serious condition. Luckily for me, and through the grace of God, I was spared any residual damage other than being scared to death that this could happen again, but next time I might not be so lucky.  It was strongly recommended to me that I call Dr. Jodi Hodges immediately and start her health care program to get on track.  So the very next day I emailed Dr. Jodi and was given an immediate, deeply concerned and caring response. "Okay Julie", said Dr. Jodi, "we have work to do!" First, she sent me lots of great information on Relaxation Techniques, Nutrition, Articles on Sugar, Biolumina Spirulina, and several websites that gave lots of wonderful information about my health related issues; including my blood type, hormone imbalance, and ways to de-stress. Dr. Jodi said our main focus was on diet, exercise and positive thoughts. Dr. Jodi called me every week religiously to find out how I was doing and what I was doing. She was very supportive and caring. She wanted to know everything.  She recommended that in order to gain a really accurate diagnosis as to the long term causes of my health problems I should undergo some specialized hormonal testing in order to bring my body back into normal state of balance since I was very stressed.  She also suggested seeing other alternative doctors in my area who works with energy points on the foot, stressed organs, detox and nutrition. Dr. Jodi was so on the ball with names, phone numbers and information. She also had a life saving plan for me. I felt so relieved that I had someone in my corner helping me and giving me direction with my serious health issues. That in and of itself reduced my stress level dramatically.  Jodi educated me every step of the way. She was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping me develop a healthy body and mind. I was truly impressed with her total health program."  ~Julie W.


"I went to Jodi for several months before I moved out of state. She completely eliminated my upper back pain, improved my posture, helped me improve my overall health, and my life. She is an awesome healer. She was always attentive and took her time with me. She came up with an individualized healing plan for me that took into account my needs, my goals, my lifestyle and my overall health. For every appointment she would always listen to me and thoroughly examine me to see how my body was doing since my last visit. Not only did she heal my body but she helped me better my whole outlook on life and become a much more positive person. Jodi is extremely passionate about what she does and really cares about the health and well being of her patients. She is extremely smart and knowledgeable and incorporates many different healing techniques into her treatment plans. I hope I can find a Dr. as great as Jodi in my new state. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to live a healthier life, whether it be for overall general health or for a specific problem. She is the best!"  ~Britt J.

"When I first began talking with Jodi we discussed a little of the imbalances I had been experiencing and she invited me to begin getting treatment with her. What I thought to be a simple conversation and adjustment turned into a thorough consultation and analysis of the whole of what my physical body is undergoing! Jodi truly gave me her full attention and found links to symptoms I had been experiencing by asking in depth questions about my history and present lifestyle. She made me feel extremely comfortable and allowed me to express my frustrations and concerns about my injuries and aliments. While being adjusted, I felt Jodi was careful and precise with her techniques and got much relief from my problem areas! Jodi has been one of the most consistently uplifting, inspiring, and helpful souls I have met! I continue to visit her when I can and she constantly reaches out to me to see how my progress is going and to help with whatever she can! She is a true holistic practitioner! I am so grateful to have met her and be receiving true care and treatment." ~Cassandra P.

"Dr. Jodi also helped me with Chiropractic care for about 3 months, I had never felt better. In that short time she helped me to reduce the "bump" on the back of my neck (too much texting & computers!) She is the best and your life will be better for knowing her!"  ~Susan M.

"Dr. Jodi is amazing!!  She really listens to the body and gets to the root of individual health concerns.  I came to her for neck issues, and she has made a huge difference in problems that I thought I would have to live with forever.  Also, her adjustments are gentle and intuitive.  I feel blessed to have found her!!"  ~Christy T.

"Dr. Jodi was my first experience with chiropractic and she was really wonderful. Not only did she address my aches and pains (whether physical, mental or emotional!) but she went for the cause of the issues and corrected them. She gave me a greater sense of awareness as to what was going on with my body and overall health. She is a fantastic chiropractor!" ~Ashley D.

"Dr. Jodi is a beautifully connected chiropractor.  If you're looking to recharge and reconnect your body for profound healing you must see her!  I love the one on one personalized sessions she creates with her patients instead of the typical rack 'em and crack 'em approach most chiropractors use.  By far the best chiropractor in Lafayette!" ~ Jason S.

"Dr. Jodi Hodges is a committed chiropractor with a passion to treat and assist in healing her patients.  Her adjustments are amazing with strong healing hands.  My adjustments with Dr. Hodges have been very effective in treating the whole body. She believes that the body, mind and spirit all work together In keeping a healthy body.  
I recommend Dr. Hodges to all my friends and family.  Her passion and integrity is evident by the results her patients receive and the love she shows with all her patients in truly caring for them. I see her every time I am in town and look forward to relaxing in her beautiful spa-like atmosphere."  ~Chris W.