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What We Do In Our Office....It's Not Your Ordinary Doctors Office!

Here is a bit about us.... 

Before we get started, please understand it is our intent to assist you in your body's natural ability to heal. We do not fix you. You heal yourself given direct assistance to allow your body to do what it knows best with the greatest intelligence you were born with. Dr. Jodi's purpose is to uncover the root cause of your dis-ease or reason you are here, not just your current pain patterns or symptoms that are usually covering up the real cause of disfunction. The focus of each session is on a true awakening of the nervous system in hopes to bring awareness to all cells, organs, muscles, tissues, glands and bodies (emotional/spiritual). Self discovery takes time to uncover sometimes, so please be patient with yourself. Healing takes time for many, but for others it can happen rapidly when the intent is to be committed in healing. Our human body is a scrapbook and remembers all we encounter and do during our lifetime. We are all on this healing journey and can choose to live and thrive or live and continue our same daily stress. Our bodies innately want to heal and also need to be taught how to heal. Dr. Jodi's job as a chiropractor is to work with the nervous system (brain, nerves and spinal cord), allowing the uncovering of patterns that don't serve you any longer so we can get to the deeper parts that are usually hidden for a deep awakening. All sessions are one-on-one so you feel you are able to go within and heal in the safest healing space you can be in, to let go of what doesn't serve you any longer. My teacher Jonah says, "Ye are the most powerful person ye know!"

Our Office Atmosphere...

We are a small office dedicated just to YOU and your wellbeing so you can THRIVE in every way.  You will be joyfully welcomed into our quiet, peaceful, loving space by Dr. Jodi and her healer dog Scout, where you can slip off your shoes, grab a cup of organic tea, read a self-help book, foam roll around, do some yoga poses, stretch, chat with your other family members, meditate, breast feed or just BE. You will find WishGarden herbs, Energetix homeopathic remedies, fish oils, Apex Energetics products, Urban Moonshine digestive bitters, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, liquid Vitamins B-12 and liquid D3, Young Living Essential Oils (special order), Roselena Alchemy essences and organic wild-crafted essential oil blends, local handmade organic healing salves, TriggerPoint Grid small foam rollers and TriggerPoint massage balls, Posture Braces, Denneroll cervical curve support, colloidal silver, BioLumina Spirulina, as well as personalized nutritional and cleansing programs for detox and gut healing. All available for personalized healing and some are special order just for you.

About Your First Appointment...

If it is your first appointment, you will have your forms filled out prior to coming in (print online or email to doctor) or you can sit and relax in our space while you complete them if you arrive 30 min early. A detailed history and private consultation with posture photos, scans and focused physical exam will be approximately 1-1.5 hours long to get as much information we can to assist you for the appropriate recommendations and frequency of care.  A series of specialized tests we do: weight balance, posture analysis, nervous system scans, muscle tests, range of motion, blood pressure, subluxation findings and more depending on the person's body. Digital X-Rays may be needed and requested off-site if the doctor needs more information to properly assess.  We will then ask you to come back the following day or next couple of days to get your unique specialized recommendations as well as your first adjustment. At this time, you will decide how you would like to move forward in your healing journey by selecting one of our affordable packages or individual sessions!

We look forward to meeting you, serving you and assisting you with the greatest level of integrity and love.


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  • "Dr. Jodi also helped me with Chiropractic care for about 3 months, I had never felt better. In that short time she helped me to reduce the "bump" on the back of my neck (too much texting & computers!) She is the best and your life will be better for knowing her!"
    Susan M.
  • "Dr. Jodi is amazing!! She really listens to the body and gets to the root of individual health concerns. I came to her for neck issues, and she has made a huge difference in problems that I thought I would have to live with forever. Also, her adjustments are gentle and intuitive. I feel blessed to have found her!!"
    Christy T.