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Why is it important to have your healthy child checked by a chiropractic doctor?

The importance of regular preventive chiropractic check-ups for children cannot be understated. From birth, your child experiences rapid development of their spine and nervous system in the first years of life. Chiropractors specialize in the detection and correction of nervous system/spinal interferences so that your child can grow free of these interferences and living with true health to maximize their potential to thrive as they are growing into a young child, teen, adult and elderly years.

You may wonder why children need chiropractic if they are not in pain. Well, pain is the last to manifest in the body and nervous system due to the sensory nerves only being less than 10% of the entire nervous system that senses pain. If your child is sensing pain, the motor nerves and autonomic nerves are more than likely already 60-75% damaged and that's when the pain fibers kick in for an emergency signaling.

As chiropractors we are trained to look at the physical "subluxations" which are interferences to the nervous system; but we also include balancing out any stressors in life in the form of Physical, Emotional and Chemical so your child can heal much more quickly. Some examples of these stressors are listed:

Examples of Chemical Stressors: processed or GMO foods, water, air quality, body care, detergents, dyes, drugs, vaccines, flu shots, induction using pitocin, epidurals, home sprays, fragrances, smoke, etc.

Examples of Emotional Stressors: surgeries, extended stays in hospital, separation form loved ones, anxiety, stressful events, crying it out as a baby, depression, learning disabilities, divorce of parents, adoption, abuse, etc.

Examples of Physical Stressors: birth, extended periods of time on their back or in a device as a child, posture, inappropriate baby holders that don't support physical development (Bumbo chairs, baby carriers on the body that force the hips up), falls from high places, asymmetrical crawling, repeated injuries form falls or learning to walk, sports, playing with siblings, motor vehicle accidents, interventions from delivery (forceps, vacuum, C-section), etc.

As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Jodi does Milestone Check-Up's, as it is necessary during the 1st year of your child's life, please ask us about this schedule!

The best time to check your child is at birth. Make sure you find a chiropractor that is ICPA certified or has taken extra post graduate seminars to work with babies, pregnant mom's and children. If you haven't gotten your child checked, don't worry, there is no time like the present to assist in their healing! Call us today to learn more!


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  • "Dr. Jodi also helped me with Chiropractic care for about 3 months, I had never felt better. In that short time she helped me to reduce the "bump" on the back of my neck (too much texting & computers!) She is the best and your life will be better for knowing her!"
    Susan M.
  • "Dr. Jodi is amazing!! She really listens to the body and gets to the root of individual health concerns. I came to her for neck issues, and she has made a huge difference in problems that I thought I would have to live with forever. Also, her adjustments are gentle and intuitive. I feel blessed to have found her!!"
    Christy T.