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Welcome Conscious Being!

Hello and welcome! I am grateful to assist you on your journey of Life and Healing and look forward to providing you with transformational information so you can learn how to Thrive in this crazy world!

Does anyone truly know who they really are and what their maximum healing potential is?! My life is evolving daily and I am continuously learning something new about myself and healing every day so I can be a better version of myself!

I was born and raised in sunny South Florida near the beach. Loving the ocean, boating, water sports, scuba diving, enjoying the warm sand and ocean on my feet is what I know and took for granted.

After graduating college in 2000, I felt a void and was not excited about my life. At this time, jobs were slim and underpaid, so I decided to do something different and spontaneous for once in my life; I joined a crew on a private charter/fishing yacht. I love to travel and love water, so what a great way to do both traveling up the whole Northeast of the U.S. and Bahamas so I could save some money while enjoying life in the sun carefree!

After physically being drained, late nights, early mornings, unhealthy nutritional options and lots of pain in almost every limb; I opted to take my dad up on his offer to send me to Real Estate School 2 years later.  I worked for our family real estate business for the experience and to be around my family more since I was the traveler in the family. While I was working at the family office, an awakening occurred for me after the loss of my 25 year old brother in 2004: "Life is too short to not do what you love!"  This was a life changing soul wake up call, as well as an opportunity to heal, learn and grow from.  I committed to my search to find my passions in life and to live a fulfilling life with purpose.  I was on a mission to wake up. I found a spiritual teacher out of Denver, CO and an intuitive spiritual based counselor and haven't looked back.

I realized my gifts are to assist others from my tragedies and teaching how to find personal awakening to know their soul's purpose, to be an excellent listener, to see a person completely and to teach people how to be as healthy as possible.  As a healer, wellness educator and having passion for an organic thriving life became who I remember to be....So, in 2006, off to Northern California I went to start my pre-med courses and committing to a new life as I started my chiropractic school journey in 2007!

After graduation with my doctorate and passing the chiropractic board exams, I was ready to move along for something new and exciting. I've traveled to Colorado many times to always fall in love with the state year after year since I was 12 years old.  In 2013, my husband and I decided to commit more deeply to our healing and we moved to be closer to the mountains and to Boulder, Colorado. One month later, I got the news my father was diagnosed with cancer. I was there for him until the end of his time on this planet and have learned so much about living in the present while enjoying each moment and that every breath counts.

For me, to become an intuitive vitalistic Doctor of Chiropractic is who I am, so I can assist my community and educate the world in the discovery of healing and awareness. Giving others the education to be able to know they have option to heal their body naturally from a "whole-istic" approach without the need for drugs, surgery, radiation and toxic substances.

I am embracing every moment through challenging and enlightening times to discover my inner knowingess so I can assist and serve humanity, sharing my knowledge and to share the truth to what it takes to heal all aspects of life as loving and healthy as possible. My intent is to start with fertility and produce an amazing healing environment for the baby prior to conception, then assist the mother for optimal birthing and adjusting mom and baby so our planet can have more thriving, peaceful humans!

Looking forward to your personal awakening with chiropractic! Be at PEACE and find your inner healer...Thank you for wanting more out of your life!          ~Dr. Jodi


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  • "Dr. Jodi also helped me with Chiropractic care for about 3 months, I had never felt better. In that short time she helped me to reduce the "bump" on the back of my neck (too much texting & computers!) She is the best and your life will be better for knowing her!"
    Susan M.
  • "Dr. Jodi is amazing!! She really listens to the body and gets to the root of individual health concerns. I came to her for neck issues, and she has made a huge difference in problems that I thought I would have to live with forever. Also, her adjustments are gentle and intuitive. I feel blessed to have found her!!"
    Christy T.