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Using a comprehensive approach to chiropractic is built upon the remarkable technology embodied in our Space-Certified, Insight Subluxation Station. With it, chiropractors are able to establish a reliable, scientifically valid, quantitative, multidimensional representation of their patient’s condition – something never before possible. The insight this provides is significant on many levels. It enable chiropractors to analyze a patient’s condition more accurately. It enables them to communicate their findings more effectively. It enables both the chiropractors and patients to track the effectiveness of treatment. It helps patients understand the underlying principles of chiropractic and appreciate the wellness benefits of long term treatment beyond simple symptom relief. And it allows chiropractors to build a base of patients who are  willing to make chiropractic a key element in their personal mission of long term wellness for themselves and their families. It all starts with an understanding of the technologies that comprise the Insight Subluxation Station. So we invite you now to delve into these technologies, as well as our unique NeuroSpinal Function Index. Then continue to explore all the other elements of our unique approach. The more you know, the more we know you will want to join us in our mission to revolutionize the practice and perception of chiropractic worldwide.

The new Core Score from CLA represents a powerful and simplified way to measure and report dramatic changes while under chiropractic care. Using the three most important measurements of spinal neural function, the Core Score can be generated in under 10 minutes and will give an accurate index to report from. A complete neural efficiency score collected from surface EMG, paraspinal thermal scans and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) gives the clinician an accurate snapshot of how chronic stress is affecting a person's overall health.

Because the Core Score uses validated, peer reviewed technologies, the doctor can rely upon this index to report the damaging effects of the subluxation as well as the incredible power that adjustments and lifestyle modifications have in moving a patient towards wellness. The Core Score is versatile in its application. It has been designed to look at the efficiency of central neural processing. Ideally this will show the doctor where stress is being stored and how deeply this neural-spinal stress is changing a patient’s health. By including Heart Rate Variability to the Core Score, the doctor can identify how much resiliency and reserve a patient has left and how balanced the entire autonomic nervous system is.

When a patient is scanned using different digital neural sensors, their results are compared against a normative database. Healthy, well-adjusted individuals have very efficient neural processing. Their muscle groups along the spine fire symmetrically and with the correct amplitude. Their autonomic nervous system (Sympathetic motor division) distributes neural impulses to the organs without interference and is in exceptional balance and tone as measured through their heart rate. 

Daily stresses have a quiet way of settling in and changing a person’s health. Over time, the muscles along the spine can shorten; spinal joints can begin to lock while postures twist and shift. Most importantly, the nerves inside the spine that connect the brain to the body start to be affected. This spinal nerve tension begins to change the core of your body.

Your core is designed in two parts. The first part is situated around your waist and is referred to as your “support core”. It keeps you balanced and upright. Your second core is like the core of an apple. It runs through the center of your body and is referred to as your “communication core”. It connects your brain to all your body functions. This part of your core keeps you alive, healthy and vital.

We take three different tests along this communication core. These tests measure how efficiently your nerve connections inside the core are working. We measure how signals from the brain flow through the muscles that move and support you. We look to see if tiny temperature variations are occurring along the spine. The nerves that regulate your temperature, control your inner organs. Finally we test your heart rate to see if your daily stress loads are affecting your ability to cope. All the data from these tests is put together and then complex calculations are then made to create your personal Core Score. Your score tells us how much interference is in your communication core and how we can begin to help you.

CLA’s latest innovation links today’s most important spinal-nerve analysis with simplified patient communication. See how your nervous system is functioning today and schedule your scans with us! Watch this quick video to see if you want to know more about your health!


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  • "Dr. Jodi also helped me with Chiropractic care for about 3 months, I had never felt better. In that short time she helped me to reduce the "bump" on the back of my neck (too much texting & computers!) She is the best and your life will be better for knowing her!"
    Susan M.
  • "Dr. Jodi is amazing!! She really listens to the body and gets to the root of individual health concerns. I came to her for neck issues, and she has made a huge difference in problems that I thought I would have to live with forever. Also, her adjustments are gentle and intuitive. I feel blessed to have found her!!"
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